Dumplings Four Ways

Mandoo, Jiao Zi, Gyoza, DumplingsĀ šŸ„ŸšŸ„°How do you call it?Ā 

Wrappings: freshly made ones fromĀ supermarket


Meatarian: Asian cabbage, pork, and shrimps, grounded. Add oil, salt, soysauce to season.
Vegetarian: mushrooms, carrots, corns, and spring sprouts. Add oil, salt, soysauce to season.

Dippings: Saseme oil, soysauce, scallion, chopped garlic (chilli paste)

Turn onĀ Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot

Boil the water before adding the dumplings.
While boiling the dumplings, grill the rest of the dumplings.. You can never get enough of it..

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