Hong Kong Style French Toast Bites and Milk Tea

In previous recipe with Food Party we made Hong Kong Cha Caan Teng Style Egg Noodles Breakfast. Cha Caan Teng, the most popular and casual eatery in Hong Kong boasts its fame with hundreds of options on its menu. Today we're making French Toast Bites and Milk Tea, a dish commonly ordered by Hong Kongers for breakfast or afternoon tea. 

We love Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hotpot's dual temperature control feature. It's really made the french toast golden and crispy; milk tea perfectly brewed but not burnt.

Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hotpot


1. Slices of toasts
2. Peanut butter (or chocolate, jam at your choice)
3. Sliced banana
4. Black tea tea bag at your choice
5. Milk at you choice (we use whole milk here)
6. Egg (beaten)

1. Turn on Food Party Hotpot. Turn it to high heat. Slightly toast the tea bags. 10 seconds after, pour the milk in. Turn it to low heat and let it slowly brew. Add sugar as you wish.

2. While the milk tea is brewing, prepare the french toast. Slice up 1 piece of toast into 4 smaller pieces. Sandwich the peanut butter, sliced banana.

Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hotpot
3. Beat up the egg to coat the sandwich.
4. Bring the grill to medium heat. Add oil. Coat the sandwich with beaten egg and slowly grill the french toast until golden and crispy.
5. Bon appetit

Food Party 2 in 1 electric smokeless grill and hotpot


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