Hong Kong Style Noodles Soup Breakfast with Sunny Side Up Egg

Cha Chaan Teng, one of the most popular casual eateries in Hong Kong, is known for its casual dishes combining ingredients from west and the east; signifying its colonial history and modern international cultures. 

We are introducing a very popular breakfast option among  Hong Kongers, Noodles Soup Breakfast with Sunny Side Up Egg. It's super easy to make with Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot. Preparation time 10 mins. Keep your whole morning hearty.


  • Wings pre-marinated
  • 1 egg
  • Spam
  • 1 serving of egg noodles
  • Some lettuce

How to cook:

  • Pre-marinate wings overnight with soysauce, pints of salts and sugar, chopped garlic. Put them in the fridge overnight
  • Turn on Food Party Electric Grill // Griddle, grill the wings
  • While grilling the wings, turn on Food Party Electric Hot Pot. Pour in water, wait until boil.
  • Put egg noodles in the boiling water, boil for 3 minutes; put lettuce in the boiling water
  • Grill the spam, eggs,
  • Prepare a bowl with a bit of soysauce, hoisin sauce, scallion, and ground pepper, put all the ingredients in the bowl.



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