Simple Grill Dinner with Kombu Egg Drop Soup

We know, you guys have already run out of ideas on what to make during the lockdown. We have come up with this easy indoor grill recipe for you during coronavirus quarantine. This is going to to make you #happyAtHome. We promise!

Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hotpot

Best part of this recipe is ingredients are super flexible and you could easily tailor them into what you like. Keto, pescatarian, vegetarian are very common these days. Key of this recipe is how to marinate your ingredients in a way you like. So let's start with how to marinate our food first.


Typical ingredients for grilled meat are:
1. chopped onion
2. chopped ginger
3. rice wine
4. soysauce
5. grounded black pepper
6. salt
7. sugar
8. Japanese barbecue sauce. This is absolutely a bliss for vegetarian lovers. You could add it on to all sort of mushrooms and legumes to soften the texture and while adding flavors.
9. dry red chili pepper at your choice

For Seafood: we usually do not marinate any seafood to let them release the original flavors. Try it, and enjoy the flavorful taste of the sea. For squid though, we recommend it to spice it up like meat and adding a few red chili pepper. You will instantly get the taste of south east asian cuisine.

For Vegetarian:
A few great options are shitake mushroom, corns, tofu and other tofu products. I personally always put japanese mochi and later on dip it with condensed milk and chopped peanuts. It's heavenly.

To serve,
Wrap the meat with fresh lettuce or shisho leaves, with grounded pepper and salt. Bon appetit!!

Kombu Egg Drop Soup

This is super light and clean soup to pair up with the BBQ. Having it will definitely feels less greasy and (guilty, the pleasure).

No need to wash the Kombu from a package. Put half of a sheet in the boiling hotpot. Turn the hotpot to low for 5 minutes. Add the egg drop and ready to serve! I don't even add salt because Kombu carries sea salts naturally.

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