Szechuan Boiled Beef

Don't get fooled by the name. Szechuan beef is far from tasting bland. Its strong, spicy, yet flavorful taste will keep you thinking about it once you try it! With veggies and protein, it's one of the most hearty meal common in Southwest China. 

200g beef
50g bean sprout
50g cucumber, celery at your choice
1 tbsp of thick broad-bean sauce
2 tbps of Chinees cooking rice wine
2 tbps of soy sauce
1 tbp of corn starch
2 tbps of salt

Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hotpot


1. Cut the beef into thin slices.
2. In a big blow, add the beef slices, a spoon of cooking wine, a spoon of soy sauce, and a spoon of starch and a little salt.
Stir well and marinate for 15 minutes.

3. Turn on Food Party hotpot to medium heat. Add oil, bean sprouts and other veggies at your choice. Add a little salt and stir-fry the veggies until medium cooked. Set aside.

4. In Foo Party hotpot, add a spoon of broad bean sauce and oil. Stir-fry until the oil is red. Add half quart of water and bring to boil. Add the beef the the veggies.

5. Add chili, minced garlic, scallion, cilantro, sesame, and pour the hot oil into the pot.

 6. Ready to Serve

Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hotpot


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