Which botanicals does this come with?

6 tubes of juniper

1 tube of angelica

1 tube of lavender

1 tube of licorice

1 tube of pink pepper

1 tube of cubeb pepper

1 tube of coriander seed

1 tube of green cardamom

1 tube of orange peel

1 tube of citrus peel

1 tube hibiscus flower


What is the best neutral vodka to infuse the gin kit ingredients?

An Absolut vodka tastes very neutral and thus a good white canvas to paint a colorful gin picture on it. Somewhat fancier would be a Three Sixty, which already comes with a slight note of lemon and vanilla, which makes it very exciting in your own gin. Good vodka does not have to be expensive, but on a higher price level we recommend a Finlandia to make your gin a little bit stronger. That's good in case the gin is later enjoyed in a cocktail or gin and tonic.


Are there instructions on how to use product?

Yes, instructions and recipe are included!


How much of the juniper berries go into the vodka at first? The entire tube in one batch?

The amount of juniper per bottle of gin depends on how strong the flavour for your drink you would like. Yes, the average would be a tube in one batch, but you can also add a bit less or more.


How long can the ingredients last before they go bad?

All ingredients are dried and sealed tight – just need to make keep in dry area – should last for at least a year.


Does the box it arrives in have another box inside or does it open up to contents? Asking as it's a gift.

The kit will be put in a neutral extra box :) And it came with a color box open the outer box. It is perfect as a gift.


How many ounces does each glass bottle hold?

Around 11 oz.


Is this Gluten-free?

Yes, it is.